6 thoughts on “twenty-two

  1. Hooray indeed and thanks for sharing some sunshine. There’s blossom on the trees down here which is all a bit disconcerting, particularly when you recall the snow this time last year.

    • Eek, blossom! Only last week I removed a bud from an oriental poppy – for ages it had looked as though it would burst into unseasonal bloom, but then the bud just got wetter and wetter and it made me feel depressed just looking at it!

  2. Jo, I love these photos, particularly the one of the yellow berries. Gray days don’t usually bother me too terribly much, but with the extreme unending stretch of them that we’ve had this winter, I am ready for a bit of sun! Usually by now, we’ve had a decent amount of snow, which makes everything lighter and brighter, but this year, it’s mostly been just cold, damp rain.

    Anyway, here’s to the solstice!

    • My sympathies. At least in England we are kind of resigned to cold and damp and rain and the snow is (usually) a pleasant surprise. It must be horrible if you are expecting snow and get the rain instead! Here’s to the solstice indeed!

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