mud, glorious mud

It takes more than a waterlogged showground to dampen spirits in the west Yorkshire town of Todmorden. The showjumping was off and the heavy horses had to stay away but otherwise rain most definitely did not stop play at the annual Tod show yesterday.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a passion for this market town that is attracting attention from all over the world through the simple but radical act of growing food for everyone to share.

Yesterday it was great to get a fresh perspective on some of the other things that make Todmorden tick. Like cows …

… and sheep;

horses …

… and all manner of hens

Of course the incredible edible project had its own tent …

… which was full of the usual exuberance I associate with these folk.

It was great to see so many entries for the schools competition: Todmorden is doing a brilliant job of ensuring that the next generation knows how to feed itself.

Back in the town, we discovered Incredible Edible has also been doing some amazing stuff for pollinators, about which more in a future post. But I’ll leave you with a shot of this happy bee gorging on the nepeta which is blooming in drifts all over the town.

A huge thank-you to my daughter Miriam who took most of the pictures for this post.

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