Hello! I’m Joanna, often known as Jo. I’m married to Julian and we live in Sheffield, in a beautiful valley not far from the Peak District.

In 2015 I fulfilled a long-held ambition to gain a BA in English. Two years later I completed a research MA on birds in literature, and in 2018 I was awarded a scholarship to study for a PhD in English and creative writing at Sheffield Hallam University. I’m interested in the way humans experience nature after an experience of trauma, and am writing a memoir that weaves the story of my childhood with that of restoring a neglected allotment in south-west Sheffield.

A few years ago, I also co-authored a book with economist and activist Pam Warhurst. It tells the story of Incredible Edible Todmorden, the local food movement that’s transformed a town and is spreading across the world.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Just been referred to your blog by a friend who is inspired by your writing. Good to find other Christians wrestling with these issues. Steve Croft, your bishop, is very sympathetic to our own attempt at ‘living prophetically’.

  2. Great to meet you! I have visited your site briefly and love the look of what you are doing. Am planning a good long read of it when I finish work today.

  3. Jo – Sally G again. My partner Rony works on Radio Sheffield and we’ve been taking about you and your blog. He would like to interview you, though of course it has to go through producers. Could you get in touch?

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