Incredible Book – reviews

Some links to reviews of Incredible!

‘An inspirational tale of how social change can happen when people reclaim their common resources.’
Dr Henry Tam, Director, Forum for Youth Participation & Democracy, Faculty of Education, Cambridge University at Question the Powerful

‘I loved Incredible!  It is passionate, inspiring, practical and has dirt under its fingernails.’ Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Towns movement, on the Transition Network blog

‘With good food, good company, drama, natural disasters and heartwarming community, Incredible! has all the makings of a summer blockbuster – with peas.’
Emma Cooper, ethnobotanist and writer at Emma the Gardener

‘There is so much to admire in what has been achieved here, and this delightful book is a fitting written account of the difference to a community that has been made by people in that community coming together and doing things – with kindness.’
Leigh Sparks, Professor of Retail Studies, Stirling University at Stirlingretail

‘I challenge anyone to read this book and not come away hopeful and inspired.’
Ruth Valerio, Churches and Theology Director, A Rocha UK on Ruth Valerio

‘Not only has it given me inspiration and practical ideas but it was also a really good story.’
Steve Bentley, president, Mainstreet Australia on Goodreads

‘One word sums up this book: inspiring. Add Incredible!to your must read list.’
Julieanne Porter, permaculturist and blogger on Gwenfars Garden

‘Reads like a novel … makes you want to copy the courageous citizens of Todmorden.’
Atalanta, journalist and eco-feminist at Les Vergers d’Atalanta

‘An inspiring read that reminds you that small ideas can make a big difference.’
Sherry Lalonde, horticulturalist and writer at The Onion Flower

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