Spotted in a Little Chef on the A14 (we were on the road for some seasonal visiting).

What exactly does this sign mean? If I have the right to have exactly what I want when I want it, could I please have a lightly boiled egg with toast soldiers followed by apple crumble cooked just the way my mum does it? I didn’t dare ask but I’m fairly sure that it wouldn’t be available, despite the fact that I am apparently ‘the almighty ruler’.  I could, however, have an extra large bacon double cheeseburger with 963 calories in it. Or nine chicken nuggets made from ‘traceable’ chicken – this presumably means that it might be possible for someone somewhere to tell me which battery farm had supplied this particular branch of Burger King.

Well done, Burger King: when all that is available is absolute rubbish, the lie that we have the right to whatever we want is exposed in its utter absurdity.

Picture by Julian Dobson